Friday, May 30, 2008

Dust in the wind, dude

From the "Things you don't want to see when you've left the windows open and the apartment is twenty minutes away and you have three rough drafts to grade and four lessons to plan by lunchtime" file:

First time all year we've gone over 200, actually.

PS. This post was funnier before I noticed that Justin scooped me. But mine has a picture!

PPS. So we disconnected the boiler to prevent the floor from... well, boiling, only to come home and find that the dog, for reasons of her own, has decided for the first time all year to pee on the bed. Now we have no clean sheets and no hot water for laundry. Doesn't trouble come in threes? I think I'll go to bed early tonight.

Yellow Dust

Seriously, sometimes I think we're living in some sick farce, like the Truman Show meets the Three Stooges. Our lives would make great TV.

For example: last night, our ondol went haywire and heated one room of the house to near 30 degrees celsius. Today, for the first time all year, we left the windows open when we went to work, and right on cue, in rolls the worst yellow dust storm of the season. Poor Nana is scrambling home to close up as we speak.