Saturday, December 27, 2008

I Love the Japan: Vending Machine Beer

Yes, that's right. Vending machine beer.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Justin Drinks Weird Stuff for Your Entertainment: Australian Beer Edition

Now, Korea isn't exactly known for its beer. A few of the local brews are decent--"the Hite" comes to mind--but few breweries stray very far from light, malty lager, and when they do, the results tend to be pretty mediocre. What's worse, there are few foreign beers available, and even fewer at a reasonable price. As a result, I rely pretty heavily on Asahi and Heineken, which are generally available in most small stores.

However, there is one bright spot on the beer horizon in the ROK: many supermarkets stock a handful of Australian beers that are still relatively rare in the US. Thanks to Fosters, Aussie beer has an undeservedly poor reputation in the States. Most Aussie beers, though, fit squarely into the British Empire mold. You can find two examples below.

The first is Victoria Bitter, which is actually a mildly hopped lager. The fact that this is the top-selling Australian beer bodes well for Aussie tastes: it's full-bodied, flavorful, and very refreshing.
The XXXX Export Lager is the overseas version of XXXX's popular Queensland brew. XXXX is both hoppier and fruitier than VB--similarly refreshing, but it would be harder to drink more than one or two in a row.

Long story short: if you get a chance to drink either of these fine beers on a hot day, or alongside a nice burger or some spicy grilled meats, do.