Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back in the Burgh

Nana and I arrived in Pittsburgh around 3:00 local time this afternoon, making for a 20-hour trip door-to-door, which is a new all-time record (for us).

But that doesn't mean the School of ROK fun is over: expect a trickle of backlogged posts over the next couple weeks. And stay tuned for details about our new Edinburgh blog!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

One Day More!


One day more!
Another afternoon, a final night,
A never ending trans-Pacific flight
(And now I have to face again

those meals they serve us on the plane)

One day more!

I did not pack until today.
How can I fit this in my suitcase?
One day more.
Our worldly goods are worlds away…
Oh, shipping turns us into fruitcakes.

One more day before we go.

Will we come back here again?

Should we pack the peanut butter?

I will miss our little dog

I don't remember buying this.

And our kids, we'll miss them too


Put the heavy stuff in his!

I just know it's going to storm

It's been raining here for days.

We'll be schlepping in the thunder.


What a great name for a band!


But alas, it's the monsoon,

I hear ducks out on the road.

We may have to take a cab.


I think I packed my contact lens!

One day more!
One more day until we're leaving,
On our way to MScs
Off to Scotland for some schooling
Hope my teacher's not like me!

One day more!

BBQ and tteok
Noraebangs and beer
My Korean sucks
in spite of living here

Tuck in all your shirts!
Obey the EOP!
Weren't always fair
but always tried to be.

Chaperoned the student field trips
(In the US, that's DC)
To Shanghai and to Japan
(Lucky weasel, yes I am!)
Went to S'pore and Malaysia
(And to Xi'an, and Beijing)
And Japan again to ski!

APIS, we will miss you!

One day more!

How I loved to sample food
And Asian beers that I was drinking

Now I'm heading for the 'Burgh
But not the 'Burgh you may be thinking


Public transit rocks
Hardly any crime
If you cannot talk

you live in pantomime!

Tomorrow we'll be far away,
Tomorrow is the travel day
Oh, soon we'll leave Korea
For another zany foreign shore….
Goodbye, Seoul,
Bye, Wolgye,
One day more!