Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cross-Bloggular Pollination

On the right sidebar of the blog (you know, over there -->) you can see a link to our friend Rosa's candy review page. This summer, with the formidable help of my mother, I sent Rosa a package of Korean candy. (My mother's post-office skillz border on the legendary, something I'm counting on as I polish off this destined-to-fail-but-what-the-heck Fulbright scholarship application just shy of the deadline from 7,000 miles away).

But returning to the point: Rosa's blog is hilarious. From your regular convenience store candy to your gourmet treats, from gummi sushi to bacon chocolate, Rosa blogs it all with good humor and great pictures.

And now she blogs us, with the classically-Engrish titled "Crunch Ball Crispy Candy," a staple of Korean Kwik-E-Marts. Don't as me what they're like, because I haven't had them. I use Rosa for that. Stop by and see what she thinks!

Now if only I could send her that sketchy cafeteria lunch fish and see if that one's worth eating...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

(Non-Korea Post) Congratulations!

We break from our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this not-so-breaking news:

1. My cousin Emily (her blog's in the sidebar at right) is expecting her first. Woohoo!
2. My cousin Chris is getting hitched today. Way to go, Chris & Candy!

(mush) To all of you reading, I wish we could be there to celebrate together in person. In the meantime, all our love. (/mush)