Thursday, June 5, 2008

Google #1 result . . . (!!!!)

. . . if you search for "Peanutsburg Nutters:"

School of ROK!

For some reason, I feel like a celebrity. A really lame celebrity, like the guy in your church group who is mildly famous for making a better-than-average rhubarb pie . . . but a celebrity nonetheless.

In the meantime, Nana and I are slogging through the end of the year and gearing up to move into our new apartment. Busy couple weeks--we'll post when we can.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Here we go, Nutters, here we go!

On our way to the bus stop Friday morning, Nana and I discovered what was perhaps the crowning achievement of Engrish culture: a cheap white t-shirt with a Steelers helmet on it that read, no joke, "Peanutsburg Nutters, Football Champions." Also, instead of the tiny "Steelers" stencil next to the hypocycloids was scrawled "Amonde" (Konglish for "almond").

Looks to me like someone here hired a Browns fan with a strange sense of humor.

Note: Did you know that the humor website is apparently blocked here in Korea? Very strange what gets blocked around here.