Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Visitation

Intrepid college amigo Mark was visiting relatives here in Seoul and we managed to squeeze in some hangout time. It was really exciting to see him. First, we haven't seen Mark since... probably spring '04, although maybe briefly at a Harvard-Yale game or at band alumni weekend. Second, due to cost and distance, we haven't had a single visitor yet, and we finally got to show some people around.

He came by the apartment and was, like us upon arrival, pretty boggled at the size of it. After living in a two-room shoebox in DC last year, we joke that we're the only people who have ever moved to Asia to get a bigger apartment. Last Tuesday, he came up to see the school and talk about the Korean educational world (a subject of some interest for both Justin and me).

Here's a picture Mark took of me and Justin by the world map in my classroom. I'm pointing out Columbus and Pittsburgh; Justin's pointing to Seoul.

Remember this from the beginning of the year?

Finally, with Mark, taking snaps Asian-style.

Thanks for making time to see us, Mark! We had a blast!

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Mark Lee said...

Thanks for letting me come see the school! It was great to see you two, and great to see that you've survived so many months abroad and so much strange food and drink.

My blog and photo updates haven't caught up to that point yet, but I just updated it with some postcard quality shots of a Buddhist monastery in Daejeon.

More updates to come