Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fiction Post! (Not Korea-Related)

Opium Magazine Online, a web-based outlet for short-short fiction, is running a tiny little story of mine called "National Road." It's on the landing page now, will be on the sidebar for most of the day, and will be archived this evening. Short-short fiction is a fun challenge--it's really hard to tell a story in so few words, and you often end up with a lot of sharp angles and jarring shifts. I'm really grateful that Opium is putting one of my efforts up. Check out the story if you have a moment; you can leave comments here or at Opium.


Leslie said...

It's like Daily Themes! You were good at that, too, as I remember. :) Congratulations on the publication!

Felicitee said...

I really liked your piece. I also enjoyed your mention of Route 40 running through Columbus and Baltimore. I was in Baltimore a couple of weeks ago with my family, and my dad wanted to find the intersection of Route 40 and Route 1 since the two roads run by our houses in Ohio and Maine. Ultimately we didn't get around to it. I'm glad that we didn't-- the Baltimore Murder Map tells me that the roads meet in a rougher part of town.

Congrats on getting published!!