Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A lovely anniversary present from the United Nations

Justin and I have a hobby: we like to visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We have done a pretty shabby job in Korea thus far - we've only visited Jongmyo Shrine (link to blog post), but we did much better on our trip to China, which I promise you'll see posts on. Someday.

In any case, today is big news in UNESCO nerddom: twenty-seven new sites have been added! And to make this just kick-butt for us, one of them is not three hours from where we are currently hiding out from the tax man in Halifax, Nova Scotia: Joggins Fossil Cliffs! I sense a road trip!

PS. Thanks for the many anniversary good wishes we've gotten in e-mail, blog comments, Facebook, etc. As anybody following this blog could tell, we've had ups and downs this year, but the important part is that we had them together.

Justin's mother's parents spent their first married year abroad in France, where Justin's grandfather was serving in JAG. Same situation with us and Korea: neither of them spoke the language, they were newlyweds, and they ended up with a strange-smelling little co-resident whose name started with A. (We love you, Aunt Anne!) And they're getting along pretty darn well. So I venture to suggest the foreign first-year to all married couples. If you can make it over there, you can make it anywhere!

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