Tuesday, November 4, 2008

OMGHOLYCRAP Part V: I have cheekbones?

Welcome back to the OMGHOLYCRAP series, in which we trace the adventures of my name, given to the heroine of Carla Kelly's upcoming Harlequin romance novel Marrying the Captain. I anticipate at least one more installment of this series (when I read the book, of course!). But half the fun of a romance often occurs before you even open the book. I am referring, of course, to that bastion of awesome and ridiculous, the romance novel cover.

Yes. It's out. The cover of Carla Kelly's book!

My personal reaction? Not bad.Nobody looks like they're in pain, her hair is obeying all known laws of physics, and everybody has the right number of hands. (You clicked on that one. I know you did. Can you believe that?). Returning to the point, though: she's pretty. I'm not ashamed that the person on that cover shares my name. I see no reason for her dress to be falling off like that (after all, his hand isn't even on her sleeve - it's on her waist) but the composition is strong and the captain's a cutie. You go, Nana!

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Not just cheekbones, but an adorable, girlish, but strangely alluring upturned nose. You look like a regular Celt!