Saturday, January 24, 2009

Welcome to the Family, Floyd!

Since returning to Korea shortly after New Year's, Nana and I have been looking for a new foster dog to fill the empty space in our apartment where our last little pup, Lotto, used to be. We had planned a trip to an animal shelter in Asan with some folks from Animal Rescue Korea, but earlier this week the indefatigable Tim e-mailed us with some pictures of Floyd, a two-year-old something-or-other who'd been found stray on a university campus on the west side of town.

So last night, to celebrate the start of the four-day Lunar New Year holiday, Nana and I went on an expedition to meet Floyd at the Itaewon vet where he was being boarded. (Note to Seoul-ites . . . Seoulesians . . . Seoulers? We stopped at the newly-remodeled Marrakech Nights for some Moroccan food, and it was delicious. Check it out--it's across the street from the Itaewon Hotel.) After watching him flop on the floor a few times--and nearly lose his mind over our trying to get his harness on--we crated him up and brought him home through the bitter, bitter cold.

This morning, then, Floyd and I woke up to blowing snow, but that didn't stop the guy from walking a few laps around the neighborhood, and this afternoon we took a 45-minute hike up the neighborhood hill. In short, this fellow is about twice as energetic as any dog we've ever had! (Of course, he's also half as old.) He also has a few neuroses which suggest he was abused in his last home, but hopefully it's nothing a few weeks in a stable home won't cure.

Also, did I mention he's adorable?
By the way, readers: send me a note if you're interested in helping out with Animal Rescue Korea. They need everything they can get, from volunteers, foster parents, and adopters to simple, cold, hard cash. You can also visit their website at

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