Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pupdate: One out, One in

The Carousel of Dogress continues as Gordie was adopted Friday evening by a nice Army soldier named Steven stationed here in the ROK. Email updates indicated that Gordie is doing very well in his new home. I miss him a lot because he's the first dog we've ever had who liked me best. Still, my ego will recover.

So. Annie adopted. Lotto adopted. Floyd adopted. Gordie adopted. On with the new!

This is Jagi, by all appearances a purebred Yorkie, who was bailed out of the Daejeon pound and found his way to us yesterday. He is recovering from a bad cough/cold, and also suffered from an undignified anal infection from being trapped in a cage sitting on his own... well, you know. (Korean food isn't kinder to dogs than to people, apparently!).

"Jagi" is Korean for "sweetie" or "honey," and while he is, we think of him as "Jaggy," short for "Jagger." He's shaggy, he's British (at least by breed, he thinks he's the king of the world... Now, if only we could get Jaggy to take drugs more readily! Getting him to take this cough medicine is a pain in the butt....

As always, a tremendous shout-out to the wonderful people of Animal Rescue Korea (also linked to on our sideboard). You have no idea the amount of time and money these great folks put into the animal welfare situation here - and as bad as things may look in the US, you probably also have no idea the depths of the Korean problem they're confronting. But as the good man said to the starfish, we can at least make a difference for one at at time.

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