Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pupdate: Flash Gordon

Nana and I got a new foster dog this past week: Flash Gordon (aka Gordie, Gordo, Gordito, and "Gordon," spoken through the nose with a thick French accent), a medium-sized three-legged collie mix from the Asan shelter.
He's just about the perfect dog for us: he's a complete lump, except for right when we get home from work, and for the first 5 minutes of his walk.
His favorite pastime is lying around on the couch getting petted. Or, when that gets old, lying around on the cool tile floor by the door.
And, of course, looking skeptical.


Diana said...

awwww! he must need grooming though!


He's so pretty! What a beautiful face! I hope you have a wonderful time with him and find him a great home.